Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer coding for reimbursement?

The ICD-10 codes needed for reimbursement will be available in your electronic medical record that you can access online at any time. You may submit the codes to your insurance company for payment. Other than providing the codes, we will not be involved with any interactions with your insurance company. It’s up to you to pursue any reimbursement with your insurance company. It is our hope that, over time, you will extricate yourself from the insurance system, and we will help you receive ethical and cost-effective healthcare with a new system that will cover your primary health needs, as well as catastrophic care.

Why do we use a nickname?

The nicknames we use provide an extra layer of protection for your private information. We have an independent, password-protected server for our electronic medical records. And, because your health and payer information and private information will never be accessible together, your information is even more secure than conventional health platforms. Nickname information is auto-generated by our platform; the information is not editable by users.

Do our clinicians offer the basic services (prescriptions, labs, basic exams)?

Yes. GoldCare clinicians and consultants will recommend appropriate testing and prescriptions when indicated, and not when not.

Is ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine available?

Yes. GoldCare clinicians and consultants will recommend and write appropriate prescriptions when indicated based upon your situation. We strongly advise all members to fill all their prescriptions at “freedom pharmacies” who will honor those prescriptions. We saw in 2020 and beyond that corporate pharmacy chains specifically withheld necessary medications - which was illegal and deadly. None of us will have health freedom unless freedom pharmacies remain available. Non-chain pharmacies typically cannot offer the lowest price which is based upon corporate volume. But if we do not keep freedom pharmacies in business, we will not have access to medicine we need. This was proven beyond any doubt.

Is pediatric care available?

Yes. We have family physicians, pediatric physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants. We also have a “Healthy Kids” program with health coaches/consultants.

What about hospitalization?

GoldCare providers work with you to avoid unnecessary and wasteful and often dangerous hospitalizations. Unless clearly beneficial, our orientation is to avoid the hospital. We will give you all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.

What if I have employer insurance?

If your employer provides insurance, you may still submit your bills for reimbursement. However, we are creating a movement—a new way of providing medicine—that doesn’t involve insurance companies who require high premiums and often high deductibles to cover necessary treatments and basic medical care. The choice is yours, and we respect your decision to use employer-provided insurance and submit bills on your own for reimbursement.

We are not involved with any insurance company as we know that insurance companies do not work for you nor do they consider what is in your best interest. We strongly advise you to take our “Assurance” classes and educate yourself how to safely leave the corrupt insurance model behind. You will have more choice for less money with GoldCare+ and we would like to teach your employer how to switch. Please contact business@goldcare.com

How are we different from Concierge?

We are entirely different than concierge medicine practices, which offer better access to a doctor for a premium price, typically $5000 or more per year. Better access is valuable - but concierge practices generally are still vulnerable to most of the same negative factors that don’t prioritize your best interest. We completely remove outside influences. There is no corporate interest, no pharmaceutical interest, no illness bias, no financial incentive to upsell you anything. By completely removing insurance (including Medicare) and litigation and government agencies from our realm, GC providers are completely free to give you their honest opinions.

What is a PMA?

A PMA (private membership association) is a written agreement between everyone associated with GoldCare. We are all PMA members. Member-patients are referred to as members and member-clinicians are referred to as providers. We all have responsibilities towards each other and mutually agreeable standards to allow clinicians to work together to provide patients with the best care. With a PMA, we all know where we stand and can function as a family with mutually agreeable expectations.

Can I keep my "regular" doctor?

Yes. You can always see any doctor outside of the GoldCare platform. In fact many of our members do exactly that. GoldCare providers will give you unbiased advice which you can use to your advantage in many scenarios. Our paradigm offers you physicians who are focused on your medical freedom.

Do I get the same doctor every time at GC?

Yes if you would like to keep the same doctor and no if you do not want to keep the same doctor. After each appointment with a provider, you rate the provider. If you like your provider, certainly you should stay with that provider. However you may prefer another (or additional) provider for any reason and that is fine too. You are in control of who you choose. GoldCare has licensed providers (doctors and physicians assistants and nurse practitioners) and wellness coaches (naturopaths, nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual, mental health.) You may see one or several, depending upon your preferences.

What are the types of providers GoldCare™ will have in GoldCare™ Health & Wellness?

At GoldCare multi-disciplinary clinicians and consultants work cooperatively and not competitively. We have traditional allopathic (MD) ad osteopathic (DO) physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), naturopathic physicians, naturopathic providers, dietitians, wellness coaches, spiritual coaches, mental health consultants and other health experts. It’s your choice. Please read the bios and pick the provider that seems right for you.

Is the eventual goal for GoldCare™ Health and Wellness to have brick and mortar clinics? Will there be a GoldCare™ provider or center near me?

Yes! Our long-term goal is to have GoldCare™ centers all over the country and hopefully in your community! As we start to expand, we believe the word will spread—and so will our in-person centers. Join us now to get in on the ground floor and help us grow GoldCare™ interest in your community, which will eventually determine where each GoldCare™ center will be placed.

If you would like to offer real estate or other investment to bring a GoldCare center near you please contact business@goldcare.com

What does the membership fee include?

Everyone (providers and patients) must join and support the GoldCare PMA and that is through membership fees. The membership fees provide the resources for all the infrastructure that makes it possible for you to see a GoldCare provider. The infrastructure includes: proprietary IT platform, video platform, technology, educational support for clinicians and all members, administrative support for the business, legal and accounting expenses, compliance, member services, provider services, and all the classes, among other expenses. Without the infrastructure of GoldCare, there would be no way to consult with a GoldCare provider. By separating the infrastructure cost from the provider cost, all members are aware of the true costs of items - in addition no one pays for other person(s) expenses. You pay “as-you-go” for providers.

What is the policy for membership cancellation?

If an annual member needs to cancel, the member will receive a pro-rated return of monies, based upon monthly fee. The best value membership is lifetime. Annual membership is 15% discounted compared to monthly membership.

Please email Member Services at memberservices@goldcare.com for more information

What is the cost per visit? And how do the tokens work?

Within the GoldCare system, services are paid by tokens. Prior to scheduling an appointment, you must have a minimum amount of tokens in your account. This is to ensure that the services are paid when received. In this way, administrative costs are reduced. It is similar to buying a gift card - the money is waiting for you. The tokens also retain their value even if there is inflation or a price increase. Each 15 minutes of a licensed physician’s time = five tokens, and other services are less. In 2023, five tokens costs $100. Please see the section on tokens for more information.

What are the group and education offerings?

We have an ever-growing library of resources available to our members, and we plan to have group classes and seminars that will be hosted by experts from all specialties, including dietitians, physical therapists, physicians, counselors, and community members.