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GoldCare Health & Wellness is proud to offer a much better alternative to your traditional BlueCross plan. We remove conflicts of interest from government & insurance, we provide a path to wellness, and we place you in charge of your health. You have complete freedom of choice and a financial safety net. Your weekly payroll deduction and the portion put in by your employer does not simply disappear into the bank account of Blue Cross - that money provides you with $1,800/year of doctor visits at GoldCare! GoldCare doctors and providers work for you - you are the client and you will receive ethical, insightful and unbiased advice via our telemedicine platform. We also have many weekly classes and a weekly newsletter - all designed to keep you healthy or help you become healthier.

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GoldCare + is a healthcare cost-sharing-ministry (HCSM) powered by Zion HealthShare. GoldCare + is not an insurance company but provides what you wished an insurance company provided: the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll only have to pay an affordable maximum out of pocket expense if there is an expensive medical event. An individual or family pays a flat fee based upon the age of the oldest person in the household. Most expenses that exceed the initial unshared amount (IUA) will then be shared amongst the group. The administrative costs are much lower, personal responsibility is much higher, you have complete freedom of choice, and members are able to see who their monthly fees have helped while still protecting patient confidentiality. This industry has been in existence in America for more than 40 years.

For Oakes members, GoldCare+ is funded through the same weekly payroll deduction and contribution by your employer. You are treated the same as any other person who joins GoldCare and you can continue to be a GoldCare member even if you change employment. You simply sign up during sign-up week and then you can start accessing once your membership starts for no additional charge.

How it works

If you have a medical question, you schedule a GoldCare telemedicine appointment. Often that is all you need. If you need to see a person in the community, you can see one of our Naples providers or choose whomever you like. You pay out of pocket for your expenses. You request a cash up-front price which is heavily discounted - often half-price or more - and you pay by using cash or credit card. Expenses over your IUA are submitted for cost-sharing. In this way you get maximum choice, you are motivated

to obtain the best prices/services/people, and yet you are financially protected in case of an expensive event. You will have a GoldCare+ membership card so that in case of an emergency, others are aware that you do have that financial safety net in place. And if a procedure has to be scheduled, we help you get the best price from the person you choose. In this way you have medical freedom while taking care of the community too.


We’ve partnered with Rupa Health for all your lab needs. Rupa has the lowest prices in the business and you pay directly on their platform. The process is simple - your GoldCare doctor or provider will order the necessary labs for you to have drawn at a LabCorp location nearest you. You will receive a lab order form that you will take with you. A lab draw fee of $10 is added to your Rupa invoice which you can pay online at your convenience.


Should you need imaging (like an x-ray or CT scan), we’ve partnered with Radiology Regional in Naples to provide you with affordable imaging offerings. For example, an x-ray of your arm or leg costs between $27-$50. You pay for this at the time of service and you should request the cash up-front pricing.


Your GoldCare doctor will order the Rx and it will be in your GoldCare email and faxed to your preferred pharmacy. We recommend you choose Uptown Chemist which offers very competitive pricing with their ‘cost plus fulfillment’ model as they are a freedom pharmacy. Most generic medications are offered to you at a very low cost (generally a few dollars) plus their fulfillment fee. Often times this is the same as or less than your traditional co-pay from BlueCross. Should you want to take advantage of even better pricing, please speak with the team at Uptown Chemist to learn more about their monthly membership options.

Another option is mail-order through Cost Plus Drugs which will mail most prescriptions to you in 48 hours. If you must go to a chain pharmacy (which we discourage as they limit your medical freedom and they track your prescriptions in a national database) we recommend using for the best price coupon.  

Why choose GoldCare?

GoldCare offers a less expensive and far superior health and wellness experience. You have access to expert and ethical physicians chosen by Dr. Gold herself; you can choose any provider, advisor, or coach; you can join one or more of our many weekly wellness classes, and you can access your medical records whenever you like.

With GoldCare, you can safely remove yourself from the Medical Industrial Complex (BlueCross) which pockets your weekly money but still charges you a lot when you use it, does not provide financial security, and restricts who you can see.

Finally we have a Dedicated Member Experience nurse (Deb Diener, RN) just for you: or call 239-441-4249 should you have any questions or need help.

A Total Reset of Healthcare


GoldCare is the replacement for the current mainstream healthcare system.

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