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GoldCare+ deploys a decades-old alternative to health insurance that offers freedom of choice and lower cost. Members make their own decisions and contribute toward each other’s large medical expenses. This is known as “health-care cost-sharing.”

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GoldCare+ serves each patient’s best interest and promotes medical freedom, powered by
Zion HealthShare.

Medical Freedom
Complete medical freedom of choice. Pick any medical provider you want.

Safety Net
A community of like-minded members sharing medical costs.

We encourage healthy living within our community.

We do not have annual or lifetime caps on sharing

We voluntarily share each other’s medical costs as a community of like-minded individuals.

We have payment options for you to contribute directly through your employer or direct primary care practice.

We process our member’s medical needs as quickly as 5 business days.

We share acute medical costs incurred outside the United States.



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GoldCare+ Provides Assurance


Here’s the Math!

Our Philosophy, Insurance, HSA, & Medical Cost-Sharing Options

You likely feel conflicted about which healthcare option is best for you and your family.

You likely believe you have only two choices: no insurance or conventional (legacy) health insurance. That is fake news. Join us to get the best of both: maximum choice, lower cost and financial protection for outsized expenses.

This is a system you will come to love. You pay for your individual care and membership fees and nothing more. Our fees cover all the expenses necessary to provide you with comprehensive medical care. You won’t pay for care you don’t receive, and we will always try to minimize costs when possible. Our goal is your best health, not extra expenses.

Here is how it works: your monthly flat-rate is calculated based upon the oldest person covered and the amount you select as “unshared”. So a family of four with a 61 year old as the oldest person is $465/month and an individual who is 27 is $92/month, if you select the highest “unshared” amount of $5,000. That’s it.


This is a system most know and many hate. Insurance companies charge you a monthly premium whether you need care or not. The insurance company is betting on paying less for reimbursement than you pay them in cash. They hedge their bet just like the Las Vegas House. In addition to a monthly premium, you agree to an annual deductible and a copay. The insurance company then also limits the amount they will pay the doctor/hospital - vastly limiting your health choices. The insurance company, not your doctor, decides who is covered and what is covered. Despite exerting that level of control, direct cost comparisons show that except in a minority of cases, you will pay dearly if using this model. After you calculate the premium, deductible and copay, almost all individuals and families have lost five figures/year. And in the process, you have been told where to go and who to see and what is covered.


Health-Savings Accounts (HSA)

This is a tax-free savings account that can be used to pay for authorized medical expenses. The health expenses a person incurs for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a disease or medical condition are all eligible. Please refer to the IRS for more details

We are a community of like-minded people with shared values.

We accept all adults age 18-64. There are no exceptions or requirements.

You make all your own health choices: your doctor, medicine, facility etc.

We offer several options based upon how much you want to pay each month.

There are easy membership guidelines that explain all sharable and non-sharable costs.

Is GoldCare+ a good fit for you?
Follow these questions to help you make the best decision based upon your unique needs.


Are you under 65 years old? GoldCare+ is a great option for adults who are 18 to 64. It’s currently not available for ages 65 and older.


Do you have a family who needs access to a cost sharing community? GoldCare+ is perfect for individuals, couples, spouses, and your children. We have an option that will work for your household size.


Are you actively seeking to improve your health? We encourage all members to live their healthiest lives, and we’d love to support your wellness goals.


Are you willing to help lift one another’s burdens? We’re a community of people who desire to help each other through difficult times. Health costs can be daunting, but we’re in it together with GoldCare+


Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoldCare+ HealthShare?

GoldCare+ is a healthcare cost-sharing-ministry (HCSM) powered by Zion HealthShare. HCSM are modeled after early Christians (and all people of faith) who took care of each other. GoldCare+ is not an insurance company but provides the reassurance that there is a community of like-minded people who will share the financial burden in a time of need. An individual or family pays a flat fee based upon the age of the oldest person in the household. Most expenses that exceed the initial unshared amount (IUA) will then be shared amongst the group. The administrative costs are much lower, personal responsibility is much higher, there is complete freedom of choice, and members are able to see who their monthly fees have helped while still protecting patient confidentiality. GoldCare+ provides the framework and administrative support to enable this model.

Is GoldCare+ legal?

Of course! Informal “cost-sharing" arrangements have always been in common use throughout human history. Healthcare cost-sharing ministries have been legal entities in the United States since at least 1981 when a beloved Pastor had a severe automobile accident and his congregation came together to pay his medical bills in full in just 45 days. The community then decided to continue to follow the biblical mandate to “bear one another’s burdens” by sharing healthcare costs in a practical way, and that is how “healthcare cost sharing ministries” started as a legal entity in the United States. Members enjoy complete medical freedom and the stability of community medical cost sharing.

How does GoldCare+ handle medical claims?

Because there is no transfer of risk, as defined in applicable insurance rules and regulations, with respect to GoldCare+’ medical cost sharing program, no “claim” is ever owed by a GoldCare+ on behalf of any member. When members incur medical expenses, they submit medical need requests that may or may not be eligible for reimbursement from the Benevolent Fund. Members are required to submit proof of their medical expenses to GoldCare+. GoldCare+ then evaluates each submission for eligibility or ineligibility based on the Member Guidelines. Eligible medical need requests are designated for sharing using the funds accumulated through monthly member contributions. The largest ministry has satisfied $8 billion in members' eligible bills. If you have a medical need, submit it here.

What if I have an insurance policy in addition to my GoldCare+ membership?

If you have a health insurance, workers compensation, or liability insurance policy, you must disclose them to GoldCare+. Since your GoldCare+ membership is not insurance, when you have traditional insurance coverage your insurance company is primarily responsible for the payment of your medical expenses. GoldCare+ will only consider bills for sharing after your insurers have processed claims. The same applies for auto insurance after a car accident. Failure to disclose your relevant insurance coverage to GoldCare+ may result in sharing ineligibility. If you have a medical need arise, and you are eligible for benefits through either insurance or government assistance, please contact GoldCare+ to speak with a member advisor before you submit a medical need request.

Do all the monthly contributions go towards member’s medical expenses?

Over 90% percent of all monthly contributions go toward sharing in medical need requests. Each month, less than 10% of contributions are retained by GoldCare+ for administrative costs. An audit of GoldCare+ finances is conducted each year by an independent firm and made available online.

Will GoldCare+ share medical costs incurred outside the United States?

Yes. For members who are traveling abroad, acute/emergent, eligible medical expenses can be shared no matter where in the world they were incurred and treated. Members interested in medical tourism need prior written approval from HealthShare before treatment.

Who can join GoldCare+?

Anyone who agrees to follow the Member Guidelines and abide by the Principles of Membership can join GoldCare+. Membership expires when an individual reaches the age of 65. Newborns who are not born under an eligible maternity need request have a seven-day waiting period before they can be added to the family’s membership.

What happens if GoldCare+ need request expenses exceed the monthly contributions received?

GoldCare+ keeps funds to share member expenses if medical need requests exceed the monthly contributions received. To date, all eligible medical expenses have been shared in full without need to draw from the saved funds. However, if the rare event occurs that all medical need requests cannot be met for a given month, GoldCare+ uses a prorating method to evenly distribute the available funds among members with medical need requests. For example, if the monthly contributions received for a given month amounts to 80% of the expenses for medical need requests submitted for that month, each member would have 80% of their eligible expenses shared that month. The GoldCare+ community has not needed to prorate member expenses in the past and has prepared for the event that expenses exceed member contributions.

Can I offer GoldCare+ through my company or group?

Yes! It is part of our freedom mission to teach business owners or decision-makers exactly how they can stop paying the extraordinarily expensive monthly insurance premiums that barely grants any benefit to their workers - and start using a payment model that really helps their workers. Please contact

Here is how it works. Although GoldCare+ is an individual and family medical cost sharing program, we allow for a company contribution list. We work with your HR department to create their company contribution list and employees who participate can be added or removed from the contribution list at any time and billed directly. The employer may choose to deposit an amount in the worker’s account (including HSA). Participation in GoldCare+ program is always voluntary, both from the company’s and the employee’s perspectives.

Business owners choose to work with GoldCare+ for four reasons. First, we provide much greater value (more bang for your buck) than legacy insurance. Second, we provide a community of like-minded persons. Third we ensure much greater personal choice. Finally, we promote much greater personal responsibility. There are numerous factors that contribute to GoldCare+ improved results for both companies and employees.

Does GoldCare+ comply with the affordable care act requirements?

GoldCare+ is not a substitute for insurance as defined by the Affordable Care Act. The ACA (Obamacare) was exceedingly unpopular as it was an attempt to force socialized medicine on the entire population. Since 2017 there is no longer a financial penalty from the IRS if a person does not comply with the ACA. There are still five states which have a policy of attempting to financially penalize person(s) without health insurance: MA, NJ, CA, DC, RI. [For example purposes only from 2023: In CA “a family of four would face a penalty of at least $2550” and in MA “the penalties shall not exceed 50% of the minimum monthly insurance premium.”]

Are there medical conditions which are excluded from being shared?

Yes but these are not classic (common internal medical diagnoses) medical conditions. For example, costs related to excess alcohol use or illicit drug use or abortion are not shared. Fertility treatments, genetic screening, sterilization are not covered. The intent of a healthcare cost-sharing ministry is to share the unexpected and heavy financial burdens such as accidents or trauma or an expensive procedure or treatment or ongoing high expenses from a chronic condition. By not sharing expenses for those items that not everyone would classify as medically necessary, such as psychotherapy or chiropractor care, we can keep costs as low as possible. And if you should want to purchase those items - you will have money left over each month for the purchases that you deem worthwhile.

How exactly does it work?

GoldCare+ is a community of like-minded persons who share their unexpected or large medical costs. We know it is better than legal insurance in every way: less expensive, more choice, more control, and a real community. In a nutshell, you choose the healthcare you want/need. You are responsible for the “Initial Unshared Amount” (IUA) which you may think of as similar to an annual deductible amount. After that, the community shares each other’s expenses.

You pay as you go (self-pay) for medical expenses and submit proof of payment to GoldCare+ as soon as practical, ideally prior to incurring the expense so we can assist you (and us) receive the best price. You can see whomever you like, buy whatever you think you needed. We don’t attempt to dissuade or persuade you on any decisions nor do you need any “authorization.” You are only required, as a member, to act responsibly towards all other members, and a big part of that is allowing us to pre-negotiate a good price and the other part is we all agree there are some unshareable expenses.

If you have a medical need, submit it here.

With GoldCare™ and GoldCare+, your total healthcare expenses should be hundreds or thousands of dollars less per year as well as give you maximum freedom with your medical choices.

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What if I Have More Questions?

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