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The Covid Acute Pack

GoldCare has you covered through the fast approaching fall and winter season of Flu and Covid variants.

Our Acute Covid/Flu medication pack provides you with the highest quality formulations of both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, medications we have learned to trust for early treatment through the Covid years. These medications may be combined with Azithromycin as well as the highest quality formulations of Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and the bioflavonoids Quercitin, Rutin, and Naringen.

Our Acute pack offers peace of mind at an affordable price. A consultation with one of our trusted medical providers is included, and a full 10 day supply of medication will be shipped to your door, all for the very competitive price of $295. Our Ivermectin will be compounded, based on your weight, to the precise dose you need for optimal treatment.

At GoldCare we work to provide high quality, trustworthy, and straightforward solutions to your health needs.

This medication pack is an exclusive offer for GoldCare Members. Join the GoldCare nation, purchase your pack and schedule your appointment today, before you are sick, and you can rest assured through these coming winter months.

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GoldCare™ Membership Benefits

Ethical, independent doctors, coaches and providers who do not have a bias towards sickness

Complementary group classes including wellness education, insurance alternatives, financial information and spiritual guidance

Vibrant community connecting people who are committed to a lifestyle of health and Judeo-Christian values

Health education grounded in real science and accurate data

Priority access at our future GoldCare Regional Medical Centers (RMC) - Coming Soon

Inalienable human rights are protected by the GoldCare Private Membership Association (PMA)

Cooperative relationship amongst clinicians, naturopaths, as well as nurses, pharmacists and wellness coaches for nutrition, spirituality and mental health

Nationwide telemedicine access, including primary and urgent care services

Who We Are

Why Become a GoldCare PMA Member?

The current mainstream healthcare system in America is not only dysfunctional, it’s dangerous. The lockdowns and propaganda were possible because most people felt dependent on insurance and government (Medicare) controlled hospital systems. This is Medical Marxism: a corporate machine forcing the acceptance of a one-size-fits-all government narrative and ineffective, often deadly, protocols. The result is many lives are needlessly lost or harmed every year, and no accountability for those doctors, nurses, and hospitals who are “just following policy”. We must extricate ourselves from this corrupted system, which at best keeps patients perpetually sick in an endless cycle of pharmaceutical addiction, and at worst, kills them.

GoldCare is the exit out of this system and the path forward to discovering true health and freedom for yourself and your loved ones. We achieve this by creating a secure environment built on fundamental values; a community that is completely separate from the coercion of government and insurance bureaucracy.

Those core values begin with you; each individual is sovereign over their own life, and that includes their health choices. We are resolute in our commitment to the United States Constitution and the Judeo-Christian values of our founding fathers who constructed that foundational document. Those values include both liberty and responsibility, and therefore joining us means joining our Private Membership Association. Just like various golf clubs, cigar bars, and tennis teams across the nation; just like the Boy Scouts, the AMA, most state Bars, the federal Bar association and the NAACP; joining the GoldCare PMA provides the environment that protects all our members from the corrupted influences that have poisoned mainstream healthcare, including wasteful malpractice litigation, oppressive government regulations, and deadly insurance restrictions.

By creating this ecosystem, we’ve allowed our providers to freely connect with you as a fellow human being, where they have the unrestricted ability to learn about you and your specific needs. This is the classic “Doctor-Patient” relationship with a modern twist: not everyone needs a doctor but everyone needs an honorable advisor who cares about the relationship. Your provider will be a skilled and ethical doctor if that is what you need and want but you may be just as well served by a lower cost provider. It depends upon you. Our doctors, advance practice providers, pharmacists, nurses and wellness coaches work cooperatively with each other in this unique ecosystem, allowing a truly free and healthy community to thrive.