Who We Are

We are a private club - we are a family. In 2020 Americans who were no longer willing to be manipulated and controlled started working together. These grassroots started with medical freedom and continue to grow into other areas: media, education, banking.
GoldCare™ is built on these philosophies of freedom, honesty, and resistance to provide a safe harbor for people seeking medical truth!

We welcome all like-minded individuals into a new method of healthcare — regardless of where you are in your healthcare journey. We’ll show you a new path to medical freedom. GoldCare gives you access to so much: our mission is your better health. We focus on wellness not sickness, we only recommend  prescriptions and/or tests and interventions when truly necessary, and we work only with ethical and unbiased doctors and advisors.

What about my health insurance?

GoldCare is a membership-only community. We have the answers to your medical questions, whether those questions are about your health or about the system. If you want to keep your health insurance you can certainly do that. But if you are ready to leave the old ways behind, exactly like our Founder and CEO Dr. Simone Gold did about ten years ago, we will teach you how to safely quit the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC). Insiders like Dr. Gold have always known about options far superior to the MIC - and we will share this information with you. Most exciting is that every member has access to ethical physicians, health specialists, ongoing wellness classes, and advisors who put members first. After you join GoldCare.com, you will have so many options!

The “medical industrial complex” refers to the enormous insurance companies, the huge hospital corporations, the corrupted pharmaceutical industry that controls most healthcare in America. If you are paying monthly insurance premiums, that money enables the MIC to also control you. When you evict them, you once again get medical freedom of choice and save thousands of dollars a year. Most Americans have been deceived into buying into a business system that is both cheating them and preventing real medical freedom of choice. This is absurd. And the stakes could not be higher.

Let us show you how to make the Medical Industrial Complex work for you. And let's make the doctor-patient relationship great again!


Founder and CEO

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD
Founder and CEO

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD is an experienced emergency physician, attorney, and the visionary who led the pivotal press conference event that broke the spell of the coronavirus panic in 2020. Creating the most viral moment in modern media history, she became the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), saving countless thousands of lives from the virus and freeing millions more from government propaganda and corruption. She now leads the nationwide movement to “Drain the Science Swamp.” Her speeches and writings from 2020 foresaw all the events we are now experiencing.

Dr. Gold is a mom, the CEO of GoldCare.com, and a best-selling author. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before earning her Juris Doctorate degree at Stanford University Law School, and then served minority communities as an ER doctor for over 20 years. She has worked in Washington, D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee.

Dr. Gold is a dynamic speaker known for both educating and invigorating audiences to take effective action in reclaiming their health and inalienable rights. She is a frequent guest on media around the world, including Tucker Carlson, Dave Rubin, Diamond & Silk, OANN, Real America’s Voice, Newsmax, USA Today, Associated Press, The Guardian, The Charlie Kirk Show, The Dennis Prager Show, Daystar Television, and many others. Dr. Gold is America’s expert voice of common sense and scientific clarity in the information war against Medical Marxism and the fraud of corporate media and medical bureaucracy, and she continues to stand as a frontline advocate for civil liberties.


How We Are Different

EVICT the Medical Industrial Complex
Providers and staff at GoldCare™ have every interest in helping you live your healthiest life, so we readily explain the truths of science and medicine, without bias or kickbacks. We have no conflicts of interest, and will fight for your wellbeing and freedom.

Excellence: high quality, independent mainstream physicians and wellness advisors
Because of our unbiased approach, our providers recommend only the tests and labs that are in your best interest. We aren’t locked into restrictive governmental protocols that require a myriad of unnecessary tests or treatments.

Value: accessible to all and transparent pricing
You will know the cost of all services before they occur. You pay for your provider’s time and there is no incentive for your provider to order or not order anything else. Labs, X-rays, and doctor’s appointments will all be thoroughly explained, so there’s no surprise bills.

IT: industry-leading privacy, modern user experience, no USA/China govt. components
Our providers will thoroughly explain treatment options for your health concerns, and we honor your decisions. This medical freedom extends to all who agree with our philosophies and join our private membership association (PMA).

Choice: medical freedom of choice
We are not a HIPAA-covered entity. We are more secure/private than HIPAA - which shares your information to third parties you never authorized. Every GoldCare member’s information is secure, and we don’t share your information with anyone — insurance, governmental institutions, employers — anyone. With the insurance middleman gone, we can get to the business of taking care of your health needs — without harmful coverage policies.

Truth: truth in medicine (advisors), education (classes) and health (wellness)
Our providers focus on building trust with our members by getting to know your health goals and challenges. We’re here to partner with you and offer real-world advice, not through the lens of governmental greed or control.


Private Membership Association (PMA):

PMAs are legal entities protected under the U.S. Constitution and federal and state law for the purpose of sharing information and resources securely and freely within the association.

Many organizations and businesses that you know are PMAs, for example: the Boy Scouts, the American Medical Association, the NAACP, the RNC, innumerable private cigar or country clubs, etc. By law, Association members have the right to associate and assemble to offer benefits and services that are not regulated by state and federal agencies, including the CDC and other intrusive government agencies. Doctors, other health professionals and patients are all members of the same PMA. We are one family - and we treat each other as such. We treat you honestly.

The GoldCare™ PMA is funded by our members, not corporate sponsors. A monthly membership fee and payment for services received are your only costs, but the benefits are invaluable.

Our PMA begins with the establishment of a private membership contract, which allows our members to share and discuss all information (including alternative healthcare modalities) openly without concern of governmental interference.

The contract also specifies the responsibilities and expectations shared by both members and medical providers. This ensures that everyone within the PMA is aligned towards a focused mission - medical freedom to provide the best healthcare for our members.

In summary, being a member of our PMA membership allows us to share with you the vast medical experience of our providers supplemented with honest medical education and resources to help you navigate your health decisions without fear.


Benefits of GoldCare™ Membership


GoldCare™ members have access to an ever-growing online library of accurate health information, as well as opportunities to attend group education courses presented by freedom-minded providers, including functional medicine, naturopath, nutrition, chiropractic, and many others.

Some courses will be live events and, in most cases, recorded for later viewing if you are unable to attend. Lectures will be uploaded regularly to the member website portal in prerecorded formats building our library.


At GoldCare™, we plan to extend beyond medicine and establish relationships with like-minded individuals and groups within your local community. We will connect with local political and spiritual leaders with the goal of fortifying and maintaining a stable network of citizens armed with knowledge and freedom.

We believe the GoldCare™ PMA will be a positive influence for medical freedom. As GoldCare™ opens across our nation, this revolutionary approach to integrating healthcare and community will change the way we understand wellness.


When you join the GoldCare™ PMA, you are then able to schedule your first telemedicine appointment. If you require a blood test, image (X-ray), or prescription, most options have been pre-negotiated for the lowest-price cash option for you. If you need a blood test, this will be arranged at your convenience,  at a pre-negotiated, lowest-price cash price.

Our goal is to avoid wasteful, excessive testing and make healthcare costs both transparent and affordable while finding solutions for all your health concerns.

As a member of the GoldCare™ PMA, your provider will answer your questions honestly, and armed with this information, you will make better decisions. For example, we will work with you to avoid wasteful and unhelpful hospitalizations, unless absolutely unavoidable.

Responsibilities of
GoldCare™ Membership:

Much of what has failed in traditional healthcare is the lack of patient and physician responsibility for positive health outcomes and the lack of mutual respect between patients and providers. At GoldCare™, each member of the PMA (doctor, patient, staff, everyone) owes every other PMA member a certain level of responsibility. These responsibilities will be strictly enforced.

GoldCare™ Health & Wellness members are prompted and encouraged to give regular feedback on their experiences. We want to know what services are working well for you - and if any are not. Members are directed to first reach out to 'Member Services' with any questions or concerns. Any conflicts will be resolved through an internal GoldCare™ arbitration committee with your involvement. Members are not allowed to post GoldCare™ details on social media. Members (and their immediate family) posting negative reviews will be terminated from GoldCare™ immediately and permanently.

Members are expected to keep payment methods current and pay monthly membership dues on time. GoldCare™ Health & Wellness proudly does not accept insurance. Recent years have shown that insurance companies don’t care about your health—rather the bottom line. With our PMA, we encourage you to explore alternatives to conventional insurance like cost-sharing ministries. Members will find guidance on how to enroll for coverage. Not ready to discontinue your current insurance? No problem! Let us build a relationship of trust before you consider that next step.


GoldCare™ Health & Wellness maintains a clinical mission and freedom philosophy that is solidified by the active involvement of our members.

GoldCare™ members are encouraged to take an active role in their health. For example, members will learn to perform and document their vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and breathing rate) and will document their reason for the visit prior to appointments. Our goal is to teach patients useful information about their own health, which will promote meaningful conversations and mutual respect with providers.

Members must have reasonable expectations of the time needed to address medical conditions and concerns. Nevertheless, members are empowered to talk with providers and discuss all concerns openly.

Finally, members will agree to abide by all of the membership expectations explained in the patient membership code of ethics and expectations document. Failure to maintain patient responsibilities will result in loss of membership.

I’ve decided to join GoldCare™ PMA!
What to do next?

First of all, thank you and welcome to the GoldCare™ Family! We are looking forward to connecting with you. Here are your next steps:

Once a member, please log in to the patient portal and check your messages by clicking “Inbox” for the next steps.

Once you have completed all required enrollment information, consented and signed the PMA, and payment is complete, congratulations, you’re officially a GoldCare™ member!

We strongly encourage all members to start taking our classes. You need to arm yourself with the information we offer: spiritual, financial, nutrition, general health.

If you want to see a doctor or other provider, please schedule your first appointment!