Michael Souza, DO

Primary & Acute Care

Medical Advisor


Dr. Michael Souza, DO, is a board-certified Family Physician, who specializes in both Family Practice and Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine. He is an Osteopathic Physician and treats patients with a wide range of medical problems, from HTN, DM to musculo-skeletal issues. His primary focus is on preventive care, emphasizing patient education on diet, exercise, and natural supplements. He offers a comprehensive range of services, including bio-identical hormone replacement, medical weight loss, and headache treatments. Dr. Souza is currently assisting patients with long COVID using natural supplements to mitigate the effects of the virus. He takes pride in collaborating with each patient to devise a personalized, natural treatment plan aimed at achieving optimal health which all adds up to a more complete and functional lifespan.


Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine.