Heather Veronesi, ND

Wellness Advisor


Dr. Heather Veronesi is a classically trained Naturopathic Physician. She has practiced direct patient care\r\nfor the whole family for the last 18 years. Dr. V, as her patients call her, earned her doctorate from the\r\nUniversity Of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. Promptly after graduation, she began\r\nprivate practice in Connecticut. \r\nThe most important step to addressing the overall health of a patient is to identify the underlying root\r\ncause of the problem. Dr. V prioritizes diagnosing the root cause of her patient's health problems to bring\r\nabout true healing. She works hard using a combination of nutritional, herbal, and environmental medicine,\r\ndetox protocols, and physical therapies to address the whole person. Dr. V is passionate about working\r\nwith her patients in helping them achieve authentic health. Classes addressing how to manage personal\r\nhealthcare challenges outside of the traditional medical system have become a staple in Dr. V's approach. \r\nAs a self-described medical freedom warrior, the last several years have brought about tremendous\r\nchange for Dr. V. Covid provided extreme challenges as well as a tremendous opportunity for how she\r\ncares for her patients. When covid closed down businesses in CT, she decided to close a\r\nphysical location and move into a model of house calls and telehealth working only by personal referral.\r\nDr. V has a deep faith that God's path has brought incredible opportunities in addressing patient care.\r\nShe continues to fight for truth and freedom in your right to make health care decisions that work for you\r\nand your family. \r\nDr. V is a down-to-earth homeschooling Mom who loves the outdoors. In her spare time, she enjoys\r\ngardening, hiking, cooking, beach days, camping, reading and always learning new things.\r\n“Life will always present us with challenges. It is up to us to find God's blessings within.” Dr. V.


Blood pressure, Lyme Disease, migraines, toxicity