Mary Gabriele, MD

Primary & Acute Care


Dr. Mary Gabriele, a medical graduate from Drexel University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, has always been passionate about integrated and complementary medicine. Her journey into holistic healing began after overcoming a life-threatening illness at 18, leading her to embrace nutritious whole foods and explore natural therapies. During her medical training, she delved into original homeopathic proofs, sparking her interest in alternative medicine.\r\nAfter completing her postgraduate training in family medicine, including a Rural Medicine Fellowship, Dr. Gabriele established her solo medical practice in Cottage Grove, OR. However, the restrictive Covid mandates and challenges in prescribing medications like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine led her to close her practice in December 2022. Despite these obstacles, she continued to treat patients for Covid and respiratory illnesses, and she now seeks to serve others without insurance constraints, joining Goldcare for more freedom in medical practice.\r\nDr. Gabriele remains committed to her medical responsibilities at Lane County Jail, providing care to incarcerated individuals with chronic illnesses and aiding in medically assisted addiction treatments. Additionally, she works at a direct primary care practice in Junction City, OR, where she explores regenerative treatments, hormone replacement therapies, and investigates the root causes of chronic illnesses and fatigue, particularly related to digestive issues.\r\nOver four decades, Dr. Gabriele has researched herbal and alternative remedies. Currently, she is furthering her knowledge through an online herbal course with Dr. Tieraona Low Dog in New Mexico. She advocates for the use of herbal remedies when appropriate, believing they can often be safer alternatives to prescription medications. Dr. Gabriele's diverse experience and dedication to holistic healing make her a valuable asset in the field of integrated medicine.


Family Medicine