Shelly Smith, NP

Primary & Acute Care

Medical Advisor


Shelly is a dedicated healthcare professional with a rich background in Women's Health, making a significant impact on the Fort Worth, Texas community for over four years. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum of areas, with a particular focus on the surgical care of women and addressing various women's health concerns. In her current role, Shelly operates from a like-minded private practice, where she dedicates three days a week to providing compassionate care to her patients. Her commitment extends beyond the clinic as she actively assists gynecologists in surgical procedures, contributing to the well-being of her patients both in and out of the operating room. Shelly's commitment to comprehensive women's health care is further evident in her collaborations with Texas Oncology Gynecology, where she plays a pivotal role in surgical interventions. Her diverse skill set also extends to her experience as a nurse practitioner, specializing in weight loss, health and wellness, addressing endocrine system issues, and providing valuable expertise in hormone therapy. Shelly's unwavering dedication to improving the health and well-being of her patients is a testament to her passion for Women's Health. Her multifaceted approach to healthcare allows her to offer holistic and personalized solutions, making her a trusted resource for her community.


Family Practice, Women's Health