Tina Sferra, MSPT

Sports & Injury Advisors


Schedule with Tina for Functional Movement Evaluations, Clinical Assessments, Prescriptive Exercise, Pilates Practitioner, Self Trigger Point, Wellness Classes, Lecture Series, Workshops and view her mini videos for daily alignment reminders. \n\nTina is an Osteopathic Physical Therapist & Pilates Practitioner in practice for 23 years. She earned her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at New York Medical College in 2000. She interned and was hired by Performing Arts Physical Therapy as a NYC Dance Medicine PT: providing PT Backstage @ Lion King, Kiss Me Kate, Fosse, Aida, Beauty and the Beast, Chicago, Cabaret, 42nd Street, Saturday Night Fever, Paul Taylor Dance Company & more, and later treated locally backstage @ Westchester Ballet Company’s Nutcracker when she started her own practice in Westchester County, NY. She got Certified in Pilates Mat in 2004 and Pilates Apparatus in 2012 both by the Physical Mind Institute. She first used Pilates as a modality to heal a devastating injury as a Dance Conservatory major 35 years ago @ SUNY Purchase College when traditional PT did not work. She incorporates a Functional Manual Osteopathic Hands-On Approach plus a skilled eye for her Prescriptive Exercise to re-engineer the body and provides a bridge from Rehabilitation to Wellness with the full Pilates Method and has now added Progressing Ballet Technique Physio-ball Syllabus to her work repertoire for all people since we are all humans anatomically and the work is revolutionary. She has been in Private Practice since 2004 in Westchester County, NY treating dancers, athletes and all people concerned with enhancing proper function of their bodies. In order to treat locally it is necessary to look globally to the weakest links in the chain to get to the source of the kinetic chain problems and create effective solutions. Re-engineer your body!


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