Wendy Smith, PA

Primary & Acute Care


PA Wendy Smith is a highly accomplished and board-certified Physician Assistant, with a distinguished career spanning 19 years. She earned her degree from the prestigious Pennsylvania College of Technology, affiliated with Penn State University, thereby establishing a strong educational foundation. Throughout her career, Wendy has demonstrated her versatility and expertise across various medical domains, including Family medicine, Occupational Medicine, Deployment Health, and Sleep Medicine. Her commitment to delivering exceptional patient care is evident in her extensive and diverse professional experience. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wendy was in a pivotal role with the DoD Army. Amidst evolving medical practices and guidelines, she found herself isolated in her concerns regarding the direction taken by the medical community. It was during this period that she discovered the AFLDS White Coat Summit in July 2020, an event that resonated with her principles and convictions. Wendy's alignment with the AFLDS community provided her with a supportive network that reaffirmed she was not alone in her beliefs. It bolstered her resolve against undue pressure, firmly standing against vaccine mandates and frequent testing when not medically indicated. Her commitment to ethical medical practice and her dedication to patient well-being remain unwavering pillars of her professional journey.


Urgent Care, Family Medicine, Sleep Medicine