Selenium Secrets: Dr. Mercola's Guide to Heart Health, Aging, and COVID-19 Defense

February 19, 2024

Selenium, a potent antioxidant, plays a crucial role in reducing visible signs of aging and bolstering the body's defense against various health challenges. Dr. Joseph Mercola explores the multifaceted advantages of selenium, emphasizing its impact on heart health, cognitive function, and even its potential role in mitigating the severity of COVID-19 outcomes.

Optimal Selenium Levels and Heart Health:

  • Quoting Dr. Mercola, "Supplementing with selenium when levels are within normal limits does not prevent heart disease."
  • Emphasizing the significance of optimal levels, he notes, "People with low serum levels are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, indicating optimal levels are necessary but more is not better."

Selenium's Role in Obesity Prevention and Cognitive Decline:

  • Drawing from an animal model, Dr. Mercola highlights, "Selenium may help protect against obesity, a significant trigger for chronic diseases."
  • Linking selenium to cognitive health, he states, "Low selenium levels may be linked to age-related cognitive decline and are associated with worse COVID outcomes."

Identifying Selenium Deficiency:

  • Describing signs of deficiency, Dr. Mercola notes, "Signs include hair loss, fatigue, frequent sickness, cognitive decline, and muscle weakness."
  • Recommending Brazil nuts, he adds, "Just six to eight nuts provide 989% of your daily allowance."

Selenium and Aging:

  • Stressing the role of selenium in biological functioning, Dr. Mercola suggests, "Optimal selenium levels can positively impact antiaging, heart disease, cognitive decline, and viral load progression."

Selenium and Heart Disease:

  • Referring to research, he discusses, "Studies show an inverse association between selenium serum concentrations and the risk for coronary heart disease."
  • Addressing skepticism, he mentions, "Supplementing with selenium is not effective when blood serum concentrations are already within the normal value."

Selenium's Connection to Cognitive Function:

  • Citing studies, Dr. Mercola explores the link between selenium and cognitive function, stating, "Decreases in plasma selenium are associated with declines in neuropsychological function in aging individuals."

Selenium and COVID-19:

  • Quoting a 2021 study, he suggests, "Supplementing with selenium during an active infection may help reduce damage to endothelial cells and improve survival rates."

In conclusion, Dr. Joseph Mercola underscores the wide-ranging health benefits of selenium, urging individuals to maintain optimal levels for overall well-being. From heart health to cognitive function and even potential implications in mitigating COVID-19 severity, selenium emerges as a crucial element for maintaining a healthy and resilient body.

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