Examining Financial Incentives in Vaccination Practices

January 17, 2024

Childhood Shots:

A widely circulated meme alleges that doctors receive $400 kickbacks from insurance companies for fully vaccinating babies. The bonus is allegedly at risk if parental refusal to vaccinate exceeds 37%. This system suggests a financial incentive for doctors and raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

39 Doses by 2nd Birthday:

Vaccinating children fully by 24 months is challenging given the CDC's schedule, which mandates 29 vaccinations by that age. A total of 39 shots are scheduled in the first two years. The complexity is compounded by healthcare workers administering multiple "make-up shots" to ensure children are caught up, even if they miss scheduled vaccinations.

Verification and Clarifications:

The Associated Press (AP) challenges the claim of doctors receiving $400 bonuses, emphasizing regional variations. The focus is on Blue Cross Blue Shield's 2016 program in Michigan, where doctors meeting 63% of immunization goals received a $400 payout. The AP corrects the misconception of bonuses reaching $40,000, stating payouts in Michigan topped at $9,600.

Dr. Robert Malone's Insights:

Dr. Robert Malone, an inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, provides insights into a similar, potentially more rewarding, incentive program for physicians promoting mRNA injections. He details the program's structure, highlighting the need for a 75% vaccination rate for the full bonus. Dr. Malone's article sheds light on the financial dynamics behind these vaccination incentives.

COVID Jabs and USA Today's Acknowledgment:

Dr. Malone's disclosure prompts a response from USA Today, acknowledging the existence of bonuses for COVID jabs while emphasizing the importance of contextual information. The article rates the claim as "Missing context," underscoring the need for a nuanced understanding of these incentive programs.

Proof of Incentives:

Dr. Malone provides proof of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid offering $50 per COVID vaccine in Kentucky. The payment is per dose, not contingent on a minimum vaccination rate, potentially allowing each patient to earn $200 or more for their physician.

Additional Payments and Verdict:

Extra incentives, including payments for "newly vaccinated" individuals, further illustrate the financial motivations. The claim that doctors receive bonuses from insurance companies is verified as true, though specific payment amounts remain uncertain.

Financial Dynamics and Tax Dollars:

Dr. Malone's article highlights the intricate relationship between healthcare providers, insurance companies, and government funding, questioning the use of tax dollars and potential conflicts of interest in healthcare.

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