Chris Cuomo's Recent Change: COVID Vaccine Safety and Ivermectin Effectiveness

May 31, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in an era of conflicting information, particularly surrounding the safety and efficacy of vaccines and treatments like ivermectin. Notably, media personalities such as Chris Cuomo have significantly shifted their narratives, raising questions about the underlying reasons. This article delves into the curious transformation of media narratives on COVID vaccine side effects and ivermectin, highlighting the steadfast advocacy of Dr. Simone Gold, who has consistently upheld the truth about these contentious topics.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Debate

Chris Cuomo's Initial Criticism of Ivermectin and Vaccine Propaganda

At the beginning of the pandemic, Chris Cuomo, a well-known media figure and former CNN anchor, was a vocal critic of ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID-19. He strongly criticized its use and dismissed it as a viable option, aligning with the broader media narrative that painted the drug in as a "horse dewormer". Cuomo, along with many mainstream media outlets, heavily pushed the COVID-19 vaccine as the only legitimate solution to the pandemic, promoting mass vaccination and downplaying alternative treatments.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Initial Promises and Emerging Concerns

When COVID-19 vaccines were first introduced, they were hailed as the ultimate solution to end the pandemic. Governments and health organizations worldwide promoted mass vaccination campaigns, emphasizing their safety and effectiveness. However, as the vaccines were rolled out on a large scale, reports of adverse effects began to emerge. These reports, which include conditions such as myocarditis and neurological issues, were often downplayed or ignored by the mainstream media, and still are today.

Chris Cuomo's Revelation on Vaccine Side Effects

Chris Cuomo, a well-known media figure, recently revealed that he is experiencing health issues he believes are linked to the COVID-19 vaccine. During his NewsNation program, Cuomo shared his ongoing struggles with post-vaccination effects, adding his voice to a growing number of similar accounts. Thanks to social media, these reports are gaining attention despite the mainstream media's continued efforts to downplay the experiences of millions of people suffering from COVID vaccine injuries today.

The Ivermectin Controversy

Ivermectin: From Controversy to Concession

Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug, became a controversial topic during the pandemic. Initially dismissed by many in the medical community and media as a "horse dewormer," it was later revealed that ivermectin had been used off-label by some to treat COVID-19 symptoms. Despite numerous reports and some studies suggesting its potential efficacy, ivermectin was aggressively vilified.

Chris Cuomo's U-Turn on Ivermectin

In a notable reversal, Chris Cuomo admitted to using ivermectin frequently to manage his long COVID symptoms. Although he heavily criticized the drug at the beginning of the pandemic when it was most crucial for people to understand its effectiveness, he now criticizes the initial dismissal that he himself participated in. This admission underscores the deliberate effort of the pharmaceutical industry to suppress information about ivermectin's potential as a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 and push COVID-19 vaccine propaganda.

Deliberate Misinformation and Public Deception

Impact of Deliberate Misinformation on Public Trust

The spread of deliberate misinformation by influential media figures has significantly undermined public trust in health authorities and medical recommendations. This effect is particularly damaging during a global health crisis, where accurate and consistent messaging is critical.

Acknowledging the Truth: A Shift in Perspective

It is crucial to recognize that the truth about COVID-19 treatments and vaccine side effects has often been deliberately obscured by dominant narratives pushed by certain media outlets and figures. The initial skepticism and dismissal of ivermectin, coupled with the suppression of vaccine side effect reports, reveal a concerted effort to control the narrative. This manipulation has resulted in a misinformed public.

Who Controls the Media? Who Can We Trust?

The dramatic shifts in media narratives, as seen with Chris Cuomo's recent changes, make us wonder who really controls the media. Is it the pharmaceutical companies, political influences, or other powerful entities? This question is critical because it affects who we can trust for accurate and unbiased information. The evolving media landscape necessitates a vigilant and discerning approach to consuming news, seeking out multiple sources, and critically evaluating the motivations behind the messages we receive.

Dr. Simone Gold's Advocacy for Truth and Transparency

Dr. Simone Gold, CEO and founder of GoldCare, has been a vocal advocate for transparency regarding COVID-19 treatments from the beginning of the pandemic. She has consistently argued that ivermectin is a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 and has highlighted the potential risks associated with the vaccines. Despite facing significant backlash and professional consequences, including serving time in jail for her commitment to sharing the truth, Dr. Gold has remained steadfast in her dedication to providing the public with accurate information.

Dr. Simone Gold's Leadership and Influence

Dr. Gold's efforts to bring the truth to light have not gone unnoticed. Her leadership at pivotal press conferences and her ongoing advocacy work have resonated with millions, freeing many from fear and misinformation. She has founded GoldCare Health & Wellness, as a means for the American public to find trusted medical advice from a list of selected providers who have also consistently spoken the truth about COVID-19 from the beginning, reinforcing the organization's commitment to integrity and patient care.

The Importance of Having Access to True Medical Information

Having access to a community based on true medical information is crucial. GoldCare Health & Wellness is the solution for you, where you can find and consult with Dr. Gold's list of trustworthy providers who will give you real scientifically based medical advice.


By fostering a community grounded in true medical information, GoldCare Health & Wellness exemplifies the importance of having access to reliable and scientifically backed healthcare. Whether you have insurance, Medicare, or no coverage at all, GoldCare welcomes everyone, offering a pay-as-you-go model that ensures patients only pay for the services they use. This approach not only promotes transparency but also reinforces the organization's commitment to integrity and patient care.

As we navigate the evolving media landscape and the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to prioritize evidence-based information and support platforms like GoldCare that uphold the values of truth and transparency. Only by doing so can we rebuild public trust and ensure that individuals have access to the accurate medical advice they need to make informed decisions about their health.


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